Saturday, September 12, 2009

Writing Technology

Wow....Microsoft word can do so much. It almost makes me want to pursue my Masters regardless of any doubts I am having. I think we should teach children from a young age how to write like this. Of course, in an age appropriate format and something meaningful to them.
I hope we all get a "cheat sheet" with all the different functions.
As for blogging, I am still struggling how to comment and how to navigate around. I will try again. I want to do my technology project using blogging as collaboration so I need to figure this out. Have a great weekend.


  1. I think you should go for your Masters. I am currently in the Level 2 program/Masters program and even though I want to pull my hair out everyday, I am hoping that in the end it will all be worth it.
    I like the idea of using blogging as a tool for collaoration. I think it could be a great idea for fellow teachers as well as parents to stay connected.

  2. Education is always worthwhile. With technology being the new frontier and constantly changing, it is my opinion that as teachers we need to keep educating ourselves. It is necessary for our students to know about techonology so they can be competitive in the job market. Just like a foreign language, the earlier we start educating them the more secure they will be in the field.

  3. Chris Dede, in Six Challenges for Educational Technology, termed technology users as settlers and pioneers.
    I see this not merely as a a dichotomy between two types of users but as developmental stages of technology users.
    We may start as as settlers. That is, settlers are "people who appreciate stability and do not want heroic efforts to become an everyday requirement" (Dede).
    I took this to mean the bulk of educators out here overwhelmed, overworked and stretched to the limits to do what they are doing and are hesitant to add something new.
    Dede says these educators "must be convinced to make the leap to a different mode of professional activity—with the understanding that, once they have mastered these new approaches, their daily work will be sustainable without extraordinary exertion."

    and that we work up to being pioneers. "“pioneers”:(are) people who see continuous change and growth as an integral part of their profession and who are willing to swim against the tide of conventional operating procedures—often at considerable personal cost.
    I took this to mean that taking risks and chances, stepping out of the norm, like you did; and that settlers are "people who appreciate stability and do not want heroic efforts to become an everyday requirement" (Dede).
    We all get there at our own pace in our own time.